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Meet Jana

Certified Nurse Midwife

Jana was born at home in Tucson, Arizona, and was drawn to birth from a young age. She grew up between Tucson and living in various countries globally. She completed an intensive training at a high-volume birth center on the border over 20 years ago. She is an RN with 8 years experience in a Level III NICU, and brings this skill with newborn assessment to her midwifery work. Jana obtained her Masters’ degree in nurse-midwifery from Frontier Nursing University in 2016, and worked at the Flagstaff Birth Center for 5 years. She has attended over 500 births in the home, birth center, and hospital setting and recently helped co-found the Flagstaff Birth Collective. She values connecting with clients and creating a safe space where they can have time to ask questions, be involved in their care, and share the decision-making process for their own bodies and births. Jana enjoys cooking and baking, yoga, travel, cross-cultural experiences, and cherishes time in nature. She is married to Bruce, a yoga teacher and artist, and they have a beautiful twelve year old son named Jai, who was born at home.

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About Midwifery

At the heart of the Midwifery Model of Care is the belief that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural, physiologic events. Our bodies know how to do this, just like digesting and breathing and conceiving! This is not to minimize that potentially very serious complications can and do arise, but most of the time, low-risk individuals can have a healthy pregnancy and birth, with minimal interventions and with the natural process being supported rather than treated as a medical emergency. Midwives excel at caretaking the normal course of pregnancy and birth, and thus are well equipped to identify any complications or deviations from normal that may require medical intervention and transfer of care to an OB or another specialist. Another cornerstone of midwifery is shared-decision making. We pride ourselves on spending time with our clients, getting to know you and your family and your preferences, and making sure there is ample time to answer questions and go over the risks and benefits of any recommended treatment or course of action. Ultimately, YOU make the decision about your care and your body and your birth - with the midwife's guidance and with true informed consent or right to refusal. We value autonomy, informed choice, communication, cultural sensitivity and humility, health promotion, and evidence-based practice.


Benefits of Midwifery Care

Greater continuity of care

Increased satisfaction with care and birth experience

Higher rates of breastfeeding

Lower rates of unnecessary interventions

Lower rates of preterm birth

Lower rates of induction

Lower rates of cesarean birth


"Thank you so much for the amazing care you provided to me during my pregnancy and labor. Never in my life had I received such compassionate and wise treatment. You always made me feel heard and that made me so comfortable throughout my journey. We can't thank you enough."  -  Courtney

"Thank you so much for being such a wonderful midwife. The care you provided during my pregnancy and especially during my long labor was EXCELLENT!!! I loved how you instilled confidence in me to believe in my body's ability to birth a healthy baby. Thank you for encouraging me to push and give more. I am never going to forget those moments."  -  Ani

"Jana assisted with the birth of both of my children. The word gratitude doesn't even nearly explain the emotions our family has towards Jana. She was a gracious and compassionate advocate for us as we worked through the 9-months of pregnancy for both of our children. She answered all of our questions,and made us feel comfortable as we progressed through the exciting and nerve-racking experience of growing a new child to join our family. But I think what is more important is how Jana was there for us when things went wrong. Both pregnancies had complications when it came time to deliver our children. Jana stood by our side, coached us through the process, and became an emotional backbone for both my wife and me. The loss of control that I felt as a father was overwhelming when the pregnancies had complications. Jana was the rock that both my wife and I needed when the path became rocky, and she put our emotions at ease. And the best part is that we have two beautiful and healthy children! With Jana's support, and despite the complications of our pregnancies, our babies have thrived! I cannot recommend Jana enough. She has cemented herself as a part of our family's story."  -  Angela and Eric

"I wanted to thank you for the outstanding care you provided throughout my prenatal, labor, delivery, and postpartum period. I always trusted your knowledge and instincts to take the best possible care of me and my baby. Especially during labor and delivery, I felt as if I was treated and cared for like your own daughter would have been. Thank you for helping make the formative and life-changing experience that is birth be a positive one for me!"  -  Leah

"I feel like "thank you" is not enough to express the deep gratitude I have for all that you did during my labor and birth. That labor tested me and made me doubt myself and my ability/strength like I never imagined. But your calm,  strong demeanor never wavered and you gave me confidence when I felt I had no more. You encouraged strength when I thought I had no more to give. I truly don't know if I could have done it without you. Now my birth story is one of strength and courage instead of failure."  - Kathleen

"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for us. From walking me through pregnancy, to being by my side in labor and guiding our baby safely into our arms. To have you as a part of our experience was a true blessing. Your kind heart, passionate wisdom, and willingness to go the extra mile will be forever appreciated."  -  Kody


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